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Hand Thrown

Most of my pieces are hand-thrown on a potter's wheel. All of my work features a thin wall, a challenging but lovely technique.

The Green Phase

In the "green" phase (pre-firing), I apply any design techniques that need to happen while the clay is soft, such as stamping and carving.

Designing With Slip

Some pieces get an application of slip ("liquid clay"), allowing me to add certain design features, such as marbling (pictured in previous image) and feathering.

Bisque Firing

All pieces must be bisque fired to  1800° to harden them and prepare them for the next stage in the process. This happens in small batches of about 75 to 120 pieces.

Painting & Glazing

I hand paint many pieces and apply glazes - sometimes multiple glazes to create beautiful patterns and designs.

Innovative Design

The design phase is challenging and fun - where I get to apply my greatest creativity! This also leads to one of the signature characteristics of my work - most pieces feature a one-of-a-kind design.

Gas Firing

All products are hand loaded into a gas kiln in small batches of about 265 pieces. This is a giant game of Tetris that takes around 4 hours. The kiln is then fired for approximately 20 hours, until reaching 2,350° F. It takes 9 - 10 weeks to create a full kiln load.

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